Open water swimming regularly confronts me with situations that can quickly become hazardous. Here, there are simply so many factors combined, making foreseeing every threat impossible. Nevertheless, one reason why I always stay calm and feel safe is my constant companion Restube.


This special edition is based on my tattoo, which shows a small wave. It will always remind me about the ocean and its power! I got that tattoo straight after my first try on crossing the English Channel, which I failed.

It will remind me that we have to take chances in life even if we fail because without failure there will never be success. The English Channel was the start of my journey to achieve the Ocean’s 7. My biggest goal. The Ocean’s 7 are the seven toughest and most dangerous ocean channels around the world.

For me, it’s most important to stay safe during a swim so I have been using Restube now for over 5 years and I just love it. It’s perfect to swim with and to stay safe during training!

Because the ocean has given me everything, I want to give something back. So I will contribute to projects which support children to experience and learn how to swim in open water. With each Restube of my edition sold I will give 7 € – 1 € for each channel of the Ocean’s 7.

A pull of the trigger fills the buoy within seconds and provides enough buoyancy for an adult

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Restube is worn directly on the body, has no flow resistance and is weightless in the water